The Prescott Astronomy Club was founded in 1974 to share the knowledge and exscitment of Astronomy and associates sciences to the masses in our area.  PAC’s outreach programs have provided as many as 51 events per year and PAC continues to faithfully serve the public interest in all things Universal! 

But it is not all education, observing, and explaining the deep dark secrets of the cosmos… there is also METASIG.  Years ago, Marilyn Unruh realized that in addition to staying up till the wee hours staring into telescopes, astronomers are also social creatures who enjoy good food, conversation and interaction with folks of similar interests… thus METASIG was born!

METASIG is a social dinning event routinely takes place on the second Wednesday of most months.  A local eatery is selected and at 5:00 PM interested folks gather to dine, talk and enjoy an evening with their friends.  The standard joke is someone will stand up during the evening and say “Astronomy” then sit down and the socializing continues! The Prescott area has a wonderful variety of restaurants and Marilyn keeps the variety  in mind as we frequent these great establishments.

Folks are asked to register for a METASIG  event so the restaurants can arrange seating, and the rest is simple, just show up, order your food, chow down and have a great time. Sign-up sheets are available at PAC events and you can always register by email with Marilyn if you miss an event and still wish to attend.


February 14, 2018, 5:00 PM
El Charro Restaurant
120 North Montezuma Street, Prescott, Arizona 86301



January 10, 2018, 5:00 PM – Prescott Station, Prescott


December 13, 2017 – Annual Holiday Dinner & Volunteer Recognition
Gurley Street Grill, Prescott

November 2017 – Streets of New York, Prescott Valley

October 2017 – The Office Restaurant and Bar, Prescott

September 2017 – The Office

August 2017 – Chili’s, Prescott Valley

July 2017 – Canton Dragon, Prescott Valley

June 2017 – El Gato Azul, Prescott

May 2017 – Casa Sanchez, Prescott

April 2017 – Dry Gulch, Prescott

March 2017 – Papa’s Italian, Prescott

February 2017 – Prescott Family Diner, Prescott

January 2017 – Prescott Junction, Prescott


December 2016 – Gabby’s Grill, Prescott Valley

November 2016 – Ginza Sushi, Prescott

October 2016 – Rosa’s Pizzeria, Prescott

September 2016 – Goldwater Lake – PAC Picnic

August 2016 – Gabby’s Grill – Prescott Valley

July 2016 – Bistro at Saint Michaels, Prescott

June 2016 – Streets of New York, Prescott Valley

May 2016 – La Bruzza’a, Prescott

April 2016 – The Palace, Prescott

May 2016 – Hungry Monk, Prescott

February 2016 – Red Lobster, Prescott

January 2016 – Cork and Cuisine, Prescott Valley


January 2015 – Tara Thai 2, Prescott

February 2015 – Dry Gulch, Prescott

March 2015 – Mogies’ Mongolian, Prescott

April 2015 – Marino Corner Bistro, Prescott

May 2015 – Streets of New York, Prescott Valley

June 2015 – Left’s Steak House, Dewey/Humbolt

July 2015 – Picnic, Willow Lake, Prescott

August 2015 – No METASIG

September 2015 – El Gato Azul, Prescott

October 2015 – Beijing Gardens, Prescott

November 2015 – Barbudo’s Cantina, Prescott

December 2015 – Stone Ridge Holiday Dinner, Prescott Valley


January 2014 – No Event

February 2014 – Celtic Crossing Pub, Prescott

March 2014 – Zeke’s Eatin’ Place, Prescott

April 2014 – The Palace Saloon and Restaurant, Prescott

May 2014 – Pinky’s American Diner, Prescott

June 2014 – Canton Dragon Restaurant, Prescott Valley

July 2014 – Rosa’s Pizzeria, Prescott

August 2014 – PAC Picnic

September 2014 – Casa Sanchez, Prescott

October 2014 – Red Lobster, Prescott

November 2014 – Willow Creek Inn, Prescott

December 2014 – Holiday Party at Stone Ridge, Prescott Valley