The Prescott Astronomy Club was founded in 1974 to provide a forum for those interested in any aspect of the science of astronomy.  The present group consists of a large community of members with a broad range of skills and interests.  Some members prefer naked-eye astronomy, while others own large observatories.

The goal of the Prescott Astronomy Club is to further the education of its  members and the public in astronomy and related sciences by offering meetings, public lectures, information, public star parties, advice and school and community  events to all who are interested in astronomy.  We have members ranging in ability  from beginners to semi-professional astronomers engaging in research activities.

As a totally volunteer, non-profit organization this has been made possible, because of the vast number of individuals who have donated their time, talents and passion to the PAC mission through their contributions and photos.  Without them, there would be no Prescott Astronomy Club, and certainly no website!  The following is our modest way of showing appreciation for the generosity and dedication these special individuals have provided us in the past, much of which is still an active part of PAC today.


Astrophotography Library
Jeff Stillman, President
Jack Szelka, Member
David Viscio, Member

If It’s Clear Webpage
Fulton Wright, Member

General Photos
Joel Cohen, Vice-President
Doug Tilly, Secretary
Cory and Jerry Shaw, Members

Meeting Photos
Cory Shaw, Coordinator

Member Presentations
Fred Arndt, Member
Jerry and Cory Shaw, Members
David Viscio, member

Observing Links
David Viscio, Member

Russ Chappell, Webmaster
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David Viscio, Editor-in-Chief